Child Protect brings justice, hope, and healing to children in Mercer County.

As a nationally-accredited child advocacy center and local family resource center, we promote a coordinated response that is compassionate, efficient, and puts the needs of children who are victims of abuse first.

Our services include:

  • Case review
  • Case tracking
  • Forensic interviews
  • Forensic medical examinations
  • Victim support and advocacy
  • Supportive counseling
  • Community education and awareness

Kids In Court


Children are credible witnesses and deserve to be treated with the respect to which they are entitled. Due to their limited years, children require education and special support prior to giving testimony. The preparation is not to help them remember what happened, but how to be able to communicate their experience and knowledge from the witness stand.


Counseling Services


Child Protect was established to respond to the needs of children, their non-offending parents and siblings who are in need of support to heal from the trauma of abuse. Child Protect offers free counseling services and referrals to area children who may be victims of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Non-offending family members and adult survivors of childhood trauma may also receive free counseling.


Prevention Programs


Child Protects goal is to ensure that all children receive their basic right to safety so that they can have the opportunity to grow and thrive. We offer child abuse prevention programs, as well as Mandated Reporter Trainings for adults who work with children through our Mercer County Starting Points Family Resource Center.

The Mercer County Starting Points Family Resource Center, a program of Child Protect, provides a wide range of support for families with children and bring needed services together at a local community location. Core services focus on family advocacy, supervised visitation services, child abuse prevention programming, parent and youth support groups and linking families with basic needs assistance.

We Help, Guide, and Protect Abused Children and their Families.

CACs support and coordinate the efforts of a team of professionals consisting of:

  • law enforcement investigators
  • prosecutors
  • child protective service workers
  • medical professionals
  • mental health professionals
  • victim advocates

In the neutral setting of the CAC, team members can collaborate on strategies that will aid investigators and prosecutors without causing further harm to the victim. This innovative, multidisciplinary approach significantly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome in court and long-term healing for the child.


West Virginia Child Advocacy Network